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by Jasmine from Galveston, Texas | March 10, 2014

From where I live 60 miles away, there are at least 800 dealerships. When I called to ask about this car-- He said, "His name is Moon. Like the Sun and the Moon." I smiled. He then said, that the car is here come take a look at it! Now- I am a wife, mom of 3 kids-- So I am busy, I've looked at 1000 plus cars. I have done my research, and I get there at 9:30am- Shop opens at 9 am. and he was ready for me :) I start the car- pop the hood, and he gives me space- I want to hear the car, it's used, I turn on the a.c. and I just listen. I drove the car, and I come back with my offer. He punches the numbers in, I buy the car while I am getting an oil change. Bada bing bada boom- I go have lunch at a nice sushi bar he recommended and I was back home before my kids got home from the school bus. I am VERY happy with my car- I am VERY happy he didn't stab me with ttl charges. I would not go buy a car any where else-- but only to www.swautosales.net Thanks Moon!

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  • Address:Southwest Auto Sales
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  • Phone:(281) 888-4049
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